Amitabh Das IPS

Amitabh Kumar Das, Originally from Darbhanga, Bihar, India.
For 24 years, served in the IPS ( Indian Police Service), a Class One officer in the Govt of India. Did mid-career training in Cambridge, UK.

Now he is the Chairman of the Bihar Viplavi Parishad ( Bihar Revolutionary Council) . Equality, Liberty and Fraternity are its motto. He is a die hard Marxist. A staunch secularist and An atheist. Hates all kinds of bigotry.


Founded the Parishad in 2020 during the anti CAA movement. ” Viplav ” in Hindi means revolution. Bihar Viplavi Parishad means Bihar Revolutionary Council! Its motto is Equality, Liberty, Fraternity: the immortal ideals of the French Revolution. Read more…


Cartooning has been my childhood hobby. Nowadays I draw political cartoons also mainly to ridicule Narendra Modi and his gang. Kindly don’t expect any ” neutrality ” from me .